Sunday, January 2, 2011


Isn't it interesting how God uses the unexpected to truly impact your life?

There have been events in the last 3 months of my life that I do not understand.  Things I have struggled with greatly.  Things that have brought worry to my heart.  I am usually one of those people that go to sleep the minute my head hits the pillow.  No thinking, no worrying, no concerns...just sleep.  In the last few months, this has not been the case.  It's been harder for me to sleep as things are running around in my head. 

But I've found encouragement and the strength to carry on each week.  The strange thing is where I've found this push to continue.  It's been in the material I'm teaching for Sunday School.  It's been in the curriculum I teach in Bible class to my kindergarteners.  It's been in the lessons I study for for AWANA.  Usually, I'll find it in my Bible study, my devotions, my pastor's sermons.  Some "grown-up" place.  This time it's been in all the little places of my life.

In Sunday School, we are going through Desiring God's curriculum entitled "A Study for Children on the Promises of God."  Each week the  promise we study has been such an encouragement.  We looked at the promise that "God hears our prayers" when, even though I've been walking with Him for a very long time, I was struggling with that fact.  When I was wondering how I was going to make it financially, the promise we studied was "God will provide for your needs."  I've been really struggling with the fact that I am still single over the past weeks and months, but we studied the promise that "God will not  withhold any good thing" and I was encouraged, convicted and blessed.  When looking at the sin in my life and the battles with the flesh I have daily, God spoke to me when studying his promise that "He is slow to anger."  This coming week is going to be hectic, busy, and crazy.  I will be tired and weak.  But the lesson I am teaching this morning is "God will give you strength."  How appropriate.  How sweet God is to give me nuggets of encouragement each Sunday morning that will not just help the kids in my class, but also help me as I begin a new week for Him.

He is faithful.  He shows His faithfulness to each person in a different way.  A way that will resonate with them individually.  He formed us.  He loves us.  He died for us.  He doesn't just promise these good things I've mentioned here.  He promises life abundant; He promises life eternal.  He is good.