Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Simple Way to Pray

Continuing on the theme of prayer... 

One of the friends that I had a conversation with about prayer lent me a book he thought I might find helpful.  It is entitled A Simple Way to Pray by Dr. Archie Parrish.  It is written on a letter that Martin Luther originally wrote to his barber who asked him for a simple way to pray that the average person could use.  Luther shows him how to pray by using The Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Apostle's Creed.  As I read it, I am finding so many good and useful things that I'd like to remember.  However, this book does not belong to me, so I'm writing them down in a little notebook.  I thought, though, that I would share them here as well, as they might be an encouragement to anyone who might happen along in this little corner of cyberspace. 

Dr. Parrish begins the book by introducing Luther to the readers.  Here is a quote that stood out to me.
Luther prayed four hours a day.  Helmut Thieliche wrote, "Luther prayed this much, not despite his busy life, but because only so could he accomplish his gigantic labors...  To work without praying and without listening means only to grow and spread oneself upward without striking roots and without creating an equivalent in the earth.  A person who works this way is living unnaturally."
 After Luther is introduced, then begins the letter written to his barber.  This is what Luther has to say about putting prayer off until later.
Guard yourself carefully against those false, deluding ideas that tell you 'Wait a little while.  I will pray in an hour; first I must attend to this or that.'  Such thoughts get you away from prayer into other affairs which so hold your attention and involve you that nothing come of prayer for that day.
How often does that happen in our lives?  We think that writing that grocery list or doing the laundry needs to get done first and then we'll pray.  Or I know many times I tell myself that I'm just going to check Facebook real fast and then I'll pray.  But before I know it, 25 minutes have gone by, I know what everyone's status updates are and I've seen their new pictures, but I have not talked to my sweet Jesus.  And then I go out and face the world without that solid foundation of  prayer that is so essential.

My desire and my goal is to spend time with God--reading His Word, talking to Him in a deep and intimate way--before I go about my daily business.  I encourage you, oh reader, to do the same.  Join me in making prayer a priority in our lives.


mint_onnii said...

Hello miss Reenee :)

I read your post "A Simple Way To Pray" and I like its. I see that the book you read has some idea about prayer that same in my culture. I respect buddhism and I'm taught how to pray. When I had problem or felt bad, I alway pray. It made me relax and encourage me to do a better things. Prayer alway sedate and kind. They wii think possitive, because praying can help them to have a nice consiousness. So I agree with you that praying is very useful.

Redbelt3 said...

Christine Jones comes to mind. She had a remarkable relationship with the God who bought her with His own blood. He became flesh to die in her place and satisfy the debt she owed to Him! As you know, she lived to tell everyone that the God of the universe did this for them too! What good news. It wasn't a chore for her to enjoy time with God in His word or to speak to Him in prayer. (How amazing that the creator would disclose himself to us, and desires for us to do the same with Him!) A previous pastor once said, "God doesn't have favorites- He does have intimates." Surely this describes Christine's relationship with the Almighty.

maryanne helms said...


Thank you so much for commenting to my blog! I am so thankful for a teacher to stop in here. Where do you teach? What grade? I pray for teachers with integrity to teach my children each year, and so it is encouraging to hear from one here!

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