Monday, August 9, 2010

My new space

I've been dying to personalize my room since I moved into my new apartment.  Today was that day.  I was able to put some things together that made it a little more homey. 

First there is the frame.  My bestest friend gave me this frame when she moved out of her apartment before she got married.  This is a great time to point out the difference between Joni and myself. 

This is what Joni had in the frame hanging in her apartment.  Hawaii, surfing, beach.  That is what Joni is all about.

But this is what I put in the fame.  Pretty pinks over a bridge, flower blossoms and an English cottage.  Opposites totally attract, even in friendship.  I'm so glad too!

I also built myself a bookshelf from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  In the end, here is the new space beside my bed.  I think it's so nice! :)