Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Resolved Challenges

I just got back from the annual highlight of my year. Resolved! It was on Jesus Christ this year and boy, was it good! I am ashamed to say that I was not excited about that topic because in my arrogance, it didn't seem like there was much more to learn on that subject. How wrong I was! And how awful it is that I thought that! My desire for the coming year is to KNOW Christ. I want to try to understand as much as I can about Him and His amazing life, His amazing love and His amazing grace. I am excited about what God will show me as I study Him.

Another challenge that was issued at this conference was to read more. Now I love to read, but it's usually the fluff that does not matter. I looked through my book case and here are the books that I have bought and never finished.
Books to Read

1. De Vez e Cuando: From Time to Time
2. Idols of the Heart
3. The patterns of God's Truth
4. Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education
5. Foundations of Christian School Education
6. Standing Strong
7. Teaching Redemptively
8. Love Your God with All Your Mind
9. Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong
10. Darwin on Trial
11. The Vanishing Conscience
12. The Rich Single Life
13. I'm Torn Between Two Masters
14. Worldliness
15. Desiring God
16. Spectacular Sins
17. Culture Shift
18. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ
19. The Hour that Changes the World
20. Respectable Sins
21. The Liberty of Obedience
22. NavClassics
23. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

Yep, 23 books here in my bookcase that I have either never finished or never read at all. And that is just the books here with me at the apartment. How many more do I have at my parent's house that have a similar story. How shameful! A bunch of us were talking about it during one of the breaks and my pastor pointed out that it all has to do with discipline. And how true that is! It is all about discipline in my life and oh how I lack that. May the Lord help me to be more disciplined as I seek to grow in Him.

The other thing that I am trying to do this summer is memorize Psalm 103. A few friends and I get together and pray each week, and my friend read this Psalm as we were preparing to come before Christ with our requests. It struck me in a new way when he read it. Then we were singing at Resolved and we sang a song based on this Psalm. John Martin, who was leading the song service, also read Psalm 103 before we sang it and I decided I wanted to commit that to memory.

So these are my personal challenges that I have brought away from Resolved this year. Would you keep me accountable? I know I cannot do these things on my own, and so I come to you for encouragement and help. If you went to Resolved, what did you learn? What are your personal challenges? If not, what are you learning right now in your walk with Christ?