Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hi blog! It's nice to see you again. It's been ever so long since we spoke last. My how much has gone by.

Haha...it has been a while since I've been on here. School and life have just been a little overwhelming, so I just haven't had the time. But here I am now.

It feels like a Saturday morning, but it's really a Tuesday morning. I'm on Christmas break and am sooooo excited about it. But I've learned that now that I'm getting "older" I can't sleep in! Well actually I am since I woke up at 8 and usually have to get up at 5. But I'm used to the sleeping until 10. :) But it's ok because the Lord showed me some things this morning and has been over the last week or so that I want to share.

I've been reading through Psalms for a while now, and have made it to Psalm 78. It is a recounting of Israel's history and it points out their well known cycle--good with God, turn to other gods, God warns, God judges, Israel returns to God. At the beginning of the chapter, it tells the people to share the goodness of God with the children. Which is what I get to do everyday in my job. But it caused me to stop and think about how often I actually share God's goodness with my little ones. I need to do it every day, all day. They need to know clearly. It will shape their lives.

This is just one thing I learned from this Psalm though. I'll be sharing more soon. :)