Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful on Nov 6-8

I'm not doing so well at getting on here each day this time around. I'll work on it this next week and see if I can do a little better.

Three things I'm thankful for are....

1. My family. I came home on Friday and there was no one to talk to. My dad was studying for something at work and no one else was home. And I was lonely. But then mom and Julie came home and eventually Peter did too and things were happy again. I love them. Yesterday, Julie, Peter and I went to breakfast. While there, we talked about how in just a few more weeks, Becky and Grace will be there too and we would all be together again. We can wait... III can't wait!

2. My best friend. Yesterday, Joni and I got together for coffee. Actually she get's a kids hot chocolate and I get coffee. And Starbucks has their Christmas cups out now with their holiday drinks!! Oh happy day! So we sat and talked and shared and she gave me this bomb necklace as an early birthday present. I like her. She's a good gal!

3. My extended family. My aunt and uncle from Washington--see pics from trip to their house from last summer--came in to town yesterday. They're going on a cruise tomorrow and are staying here for a few days first. It's good to see them again! And today we are having a bbq with them and both grandmas (crazy and normal) and my other uncle. It will be fun!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful on Nov 5

Today I am thankful for my little class of kingergarteners. After last year, where unhappiness and discord abounded, this fun, sweet and excited group of 4 and 5 year olds is so nice! I am so happy! I think I found my place...and that is a great feeling. I love that they are funny and silly. I love that they are so earnest about the things that are important to them. I love that they say things that make me laugh. I love it when they are goofing off--I have to correct them of course, but sometimes it's so hard to do it with a straight face!!! :) I'm thankful God gave me kindergarten this year. It's good...

Thankful on Nov 4

Like I said, I'm catching up here. Yesterday I was thankful for friends who love music as much as I do. I had a friend send me a long list of music to look at that he loves and thinks I might like too. I was excited. I can't wait to get a good look at them and buy some. I had another friend remind me that he can always play the piano for me at church whenever I need a break. I like that too. And I'm thankful for him and his offer and his love for music. It's a true blessing!

Thankful on Nov 3

I'm late posting here. Sorry!

On Nov 3, I was thankful for cell phones. I got to talk to Grace all the way in Michigan and it was nice. I'm thankful for them...even when they don't work too well. Like mine right now :p I need a new one!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful on Nov 2

Today I am thankful for the amazing gift of salvation. I was saved when I was very young, and I'm so thankful for that. But you know how there are some people that you pray for for a very long time? The people that you long to see come to Christ, but you wonder if it will ever happen. Today I'm thankful that it does happen.

I remember the day that my neighbors moved in. I was very sad because my friends that had been living there were gone. A couple moved in and they seemed nice enough. As we continued to grow, we got to know Jesse and Stella more. They were so sweet and neighborly. Always more than willing to stand outside and talk...especially Jesse. Oh the conversations we've had. :)

They were also unsaved. Very nice but not part of the family of God. So we've been praying for them. We've prayed for their salvation for years and years. We've witnessed to them. We've invited them to church. We've shared the gospel with them. All to no avail.

Until now. Today, Stella called my mom just to say hi and to tell her thank you for being such a good friend. And she was so excited because she had wanted a personal one-on-one relationship with Jesus and so she asked Him in her heart.

WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! How unexpected was that! My mom went through the gospel with her to make sure she understood that we aren't saved by works but by faith. (Eph 2:8-9) She got that and oh, she was just so excited about it. She said everyone says that she talks too much--she's normally a pretty quiet person. They say she talks about Jesus way too much. But she and my mom decided that it was just because they are feeling guilty. :)

How neat is it to see the excitement of a rescued soul. I'm thankful for salvation today!

Now we need to pray for Jesse. He's heard the gospel, but he says he's too bad for Jesus to save him. We all know that's not true. Let's pray for his soul. May the Lord save him too!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thankful on Nov 1

Today I'm thankful for my church. It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm so excited to go and be with the people that are my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I've grown up around them. Some of them knew me before I was born. :) Some of them I've know since I was a teenager. Some of them I've only known for a year. No matter what, they are so willing to invest in my life and share in my joys and sorrows. They prayed for me to get a new job and look at me now! They've been my faithful friends, and I'm so thankful for all of them!