Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of bondage

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
Galatians 5:1

The Galatians were believing that circumcision could save them. However, Paul had preached the true gospel to them before. Here they were going back to the law and trying to keep it. Earlier in chapter 3, Paul calls them foolish, asking who had bewitched them. They knew Christ had died for their sins, but here they were trying to earn their salvation again. Now he calls this work a yoke of slavery. Someone who is trying to pay for their sins themselves really is in slavery. You are yoked to your sins as you try to pay for them. But it's never ending. Many times I am more than happy to grab my sins and hold on tight as I feel guilty for them and feel regret over them and try to reason with God about them. Yes I should feel guilt and regret. But at the same time, I need to lay them down at the foot of the cross where Christ payed for them. If I keep coming back and trying to pick them up again, then Christ died for nothing and His grace means nothing in my life. But NO!! He has set me free. He has released me from needing to pay for those ugly, nasty sins. I need to live in the freedom He died to give me. What about you? Do you struggle with this too? If so, I encourage you to let Jesus pay for your sins. It's a whole lot easier! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pray for the Murphys

I've been following this blog for a while. Almost 3 years ago, Ian Murphy was in a bad car accident and has been in a coma ever since. But comas are strange things, and his brain has slowly been waking up and he's been able to do more and more.

Well a month ago, his dad had major seizures and was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had surgery and started chemo.

Exactly 4 weeks later, Ian started having seizures. They don't know why.

Then his dad started having seizures again and they found that the tumor was growing again. He's having surgery again, but the doctor gives it a two-thirds chance that it will be successful.

Please pray for this family. They have been through so much, but their witness is amazing. Visit their blog, read and lift them up to the Lord.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Meals for Manipur Fundraiser Update

Well on Saturday, we got together and collected lots of recyclables. It was a greatly successful day! Thank you to all who donated and who came out to help with the drive. It was great to see everyone sorting and stomping on cans!

That day with the recycling and the donations given by those who had nothing for the drive, we collected a grand total of $337.78.

Our church itself raised $855.00.

So total, we are able to send $1192.78 to our dear brothers and sisters in Manipur, India.

However, we need to continue to pray for the church there. They are still living in desperate times and need to be continually lifted up before the Lord.

Thanks to all for your help!!!!

Do Hard Things!!!! :)

This and that

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. But I've been makin' it! :) Here are some things that I've enjoyed.

--I started teaching kindergarten. There have been a few laugh out loud moments already. One was when one of my students insisted that Jesus was God's last name. haha!!! Or when they continually ask if it's bed time or snack time. Constantly!! It's fun. It's busy. It's way cool!!

--I just bought 2 pairs of aerosole shoes. I've had 3 people tell me that they are the most amazingly comfortable shoes ever. One of my friends who teaches with me wears them all the time and loves them. I'm still recovering from the blisters I got on the first day of school from my new Payless shoes. Thought I'd give these and these a try.

--I love this post on Kristen Leigh. It's just so sweet!

--The can drive went amazingly well. I'll post more on that a little later.

--My mom found my Bible after it's been missing for about 8 months. I'm way excited to have it in my hands again. It's such a comfortable Bible. Something that is so nice to study out of.

--Both of my grandmas are still alive. I call one my normal grandma and the other my crazy grandma. Why? Because one is normal and one is crazy. Well this wonderful Labor Day morning, when I was so looking forward to sleeping in, the phone rang at 6am. It was crazy grandma who is in a convalescent home right now recovering from a bladder infection ect... She is not happy to be there. My mom answered the phone and this is what I heard...
"Hello? What's the matter? (in a slightly concerned tone) What's the matter? (in a slightly irritated tone) No they are not holding you hostage!!! You're at a convalescent home! No, do not call 911! You didn't want to go to Marlora (another convalescent home) so they took you there. If you act like a mental patient, they'll treat you like one. The last time you called 911 the firemen told them to unplug your phone because you were tying up the phone lines. Just lay there, take your medication, drink lots of water and get better. Can't you turn on the TV? If you would put in your hearing aids you would be able to hear it. Just lay there, take your medication, drink lots of water and get better. Who is the man? Does he work there? I don't know who he is. Just lay there, take your medication, drink lots of water and get better. No do not call the police. You are just in a convalescent home..."
And it continued from there. It was quite comical. But I do ask you to pray for crazy grandma to get better soon because things are always kinda crazy when she's sick.

--We just finished BBCs North and South. What a good story! If you have Netflix, I highly recommend getting it. And if you get that and like it, you should also try Bleak House, which was amazing. It was my favorite. My second favorite has been Little Dorrit. Such good, good stories! They are worth your time. Good clean stories.

Well that's all my misc. for now. Have a good Labor Day!!!