Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meals for Manipur Fundraiser

We are going to be raising money to send to our brothers and sisters in Manipur, India. If you remember, in my previous post, I explained what is happening in that region of India. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are starving to death because the rats in their villages are eating their crops. Here are the details:

Bring your cans, glass and plastic bottles, and even your newspapers to our church.
We will bring them to the recycling facilities that afternoon and ALL proceeds will be sent to Manipur, India. We are sending it through the IFCA.

Where: Grace Baptist Church
1502 McDonald Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90744

Date: September 5, 2009

Time: 10am-1pm

We would love for as many churches as possible to get involved. Please let me know if your church would like to participate. If you have any questions, please e-mail me or just leave a comment here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Computer

Here it is!

And it's really cool cuz the keyboard glows. It's amazing! God was so good to let me have this. So fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Rebelutionary Idea

In church this last Sunday, my pastor brought to our church's attention the fact that our brothers and sisters in Christ in India are starving. You see, about every 50 years, a certain species of bamboo in India flowers. This blossoming brings out the rats who love to eat the blooms. Once they are done with the blooms, they race on to the fields, destroying crops. This increase in food also causes them to reproduce more rapidly, bringing on more problems because in India they worship rats and refuse to exterminate them. However, within a few months, this usually dies down because the flowering season for the bamboo is short. This time, though, the flowering season has lasted 13 months, causing the problem to be even worse. There has been no harvest for these people in over a year. They are eating whatever they can get their hands on.

Our church belongs to the IFCA, and on August 23 the IFCA churches are taking up a special offering to send to a church in India. This money will be used to buy rice for these families that have nothing.

Now to my idea. I thought it would be great if we could do a fundraiser to raise more money to send to these people. The thoughts that have run through my head have been a car wash (maybe even at several different locations on the same day) or a recycling drive. Or both. Because of the timing of things right now, I'm not sure that I could get this together before August 23, but maybe soon after. I'm sure the church in India would be more than glad to receive a gift whenever we can get it to them.

To be honest, I actually have butterflies in my stomach as I write. For two reasons.
1) I'm 27 and therefore I don't fit the Rebelutionary definition.
2) Will it work?
But I'm gonna try to do this anyway.

So my question to you you want to help? Do you have any ideas? I'll be trying to formulate this plan over the next few days, so if you have advise, ideas or a desire to be part of it, please let me know!

But most importantly, PRAY!!! Pray for our brothers and sisters in India. Pray for this idea and what may come of it. Pray that the Lord will be glorified in all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Big Surprise

A few weeks ago, my sister Becky was so homesick she didn't know what to do with herself. She was pretty unhappy. And then my other sister Grace told me she wanted to come home. And I thought..."Hmmmm." So I called Becky to find out what she was thinking. Well, she wanted to surprise my parents. I thought it was a grand idea. So we got to work.

We decided what days she wanted to be here. And then one morning while my mom was still asleep, Becky (who was driving from PA to NJ at the time) called me and I got on-line and we bought her tickets.

Well we had this great plan that we were going to take my parents out to dinner for their 30th anniversary (which was a few weeks ago) on Thursday and then show up with Becky. Big surprise. Lots of crying. We told our parents we wanted to take them out and they said no! My cousins were going to be here from Wisconsin, so we had to go to my grandma's that night. Hmmmm.....

So I talked to Becky and she said that she just wanted to walk in the house and surprise mom, and then run out and greet dad when he got home to surprise him.

And that is what we did. I picked her up from the airport on Thursday after work. We went to lunch and then we went home. My mom thought it was me and then she took a good look and couldn't really believe he eyes. She cried and laughed just like she should. It was happy. Then we went to go get our toes done. (Leilani, my toes are soooo pretty!!!) And then we got home to wait for my dad. He drove up and she ran out and....well he couldn't believe his eyes either.

I love surprises! Especially when they work out so well like this one did. And I'm sooooo happy to have Becky home for a little while. It's nice to have the whole family together again.