Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anne and I

For those of you who have read the Anne books, there is this part in Anne of Windy Poplars where she has a bad head cold and is sitting on her bed grading papers. I can totally identify with her today. Except my grading is on-line. Slight difference there. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A whole lot more of the wedding pictures

This is a very long post, but it's all of the poiniant pictures that I thought should be shared with all. Julie took all of the pictures in this post. She is a gifted photographer and I'm proud to call her my little sis. Anyhow, enjoy!
Joel and I...everyone says he was still taller than me, but I wonder.............

See those shoes??? OUCH!!!!!Armando and Ely...that girl stole the bouquet right out of my hand!Amy and the Marine cousin, Jimmy. Isn't she beautiful????Ms. Jennifer and the "hot" cousin EricThe handsome guys

The beautiful girls
The fabulous bride
Isn't Julie a great photographer??? She takes amazing pictures!
Can you see the pain on my face??? I thought I was gonna fall over. I was seriously considering how embarrassing that would be.
She couldn't get the ring on his finger. haha
Our dear friend Adam reading scripture
The pastor talked about my favorite bollywood movie that Leilani introduced me to. made me laugh.... hahaha
There! An actual smile on my face.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Still happy! Imagine that!
See the poor guy's hand all bandaged up? He's doing ok though, which is good!
How cute is that!
Aw! They're married now!Fun bubblesSee that guy in the background on the left? He and his friends are hilarious.Pretty cake. Amy and I made that fun curvy thing. She did most of it, but I helped wrap it in lace. :)
Yessssss Hello Kitty and He-man (or however you spell it)
Adam and Astrid
Here we come
I changed into flips. Leilani changed into pink chucks. Oh btw, the guys got to wear black chucks for the wedding. hmmmm...... It was cute, in a guy kind of way. haha I'll stop now.
Amy's pretty earring that she let me borrow
Chris and the ladies...1, 2, and 3 (I'm 2)
Fabulous friends. I'm sad that we didn't get one of Amy, Leilani, Astrid and me. We should have.
That's my glamour pose. It kinda worked. haha Hey you can only kinda see the tan line!

Some pics and a bonus

The pastor had said something funny...isn't that the greatest picture? haha

Well here are a few pictures. I have many more, so I'll post them later today.

And the bonus... Go here. I am that Elisabeth. How cool is that!!! (Not about what was written...that was honest and from the heart and I heartily recommend the book. But I'm on a fairly popular website. :D)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back from the big wedding

and boy was it fun! I'll post pictures as soon as I figure out how to charge my camera. And as soon as I steal some pictures from Julie...haha

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pray for Chris

My dear friend Chris, who's wedding I'm going to be in on Saturday, cut himself badly and is going into surgery tomorrow to try to fix the nerve damage. Pray for him and for dear Leilani who must be worried.

Oh and I got it....
It is purple. But it does the job! Yeah!!!!

I'm back!!!

I was on another blog and saw that my blog had not been updated in 2 weeks. I realized there was a problem, so here I am. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have had a Happy New Year so far. I sure did!

I have to go get my hair cut soon, but let me let you know what amazing thing has already happened today. I went to a teacher store that was having a sale and I got well over $100 of stuff for less than $60!!!! Yeehaw!!! I got some books, posters, prizes...all kinds of stuff! It was great...Praise the Lord!

And then now, I'm going to go shopping for a camera! Finally... So I must go search on-line now. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grace's stomach is talking...haha

Well I'm back from the crazy Christmas season that it was. I'm fighting sickness and I really hope I'm winning...(Please Lord!! Help me to stay well!!!!!!) I'm dreading work. The helicopter is circling our neighborhood. I love my life! I spent the night looking at wedding pictures of random people for the fun of it...though I'm not sure how smart that was. But such good ideas! Flowers, pictures that are just cool to have taken at you wedding. It's for when Amy and I start our own business. haha

Ok enough randomness. It's the new year. I have so much to do and all that stuff. So here are my goals.
~~Not to get stressed as much. God is in control. I am not. If I can get that through my head then I think my life would be more enjoyable. Any suggestions on how to do that???
~~To run the 5K in April (or whenever it is) in memory of Mike. This means I have to start running again now. Keep me accountable... Oh there's something else that goes along with this but I'll save it for later. :)
~~To read through the Old Testament and actually get something out of it every day. To read my Bible every day. It has been really hard for me to do this now that I have this job. The drive is so much longer so I have to leave earlier and I just can't get up at 4am. So pray for discipline to read during other times of the day.
~~To learn flower arranging. I've always wanted to do it and have taught myself some, but I need to take the classes and just do it.
~~To finish my quilt and Amy's and Judy's and Ed's. I've got work to do!!!

There. We'll see how much I actually get done.

So back to fighting sickness and I just remembered I have a Bride magazine to look at. More fun ideas!!! And don't worry---for those of you wondering and getting all excited---there's no guy on the horizon at all. I'm just passing the time. :P

Oh and remember that thing I was going to get back to later? I am watching the movie Return to Me for the second time today (third time all around). Have you ever seen it? It all comes down to organ donation and the effect it has on well as being a very cute chick flick. The 5K that I want to run is put on by Donate Life. It's an important thing people. I just thought you should think about it.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful 2009. May God be glorified in it all. And may you forgive me for the randomness that you just read.