Saturday, August 30, 2008


My life is crazy and busy right now. I'm happy though. God is good. Every time I feel like complaining--which I'm learning I do wayyyy tooo much--I just remember how God totally dropped this in my lap. It may have been at the very last minute, but I'm so happy! So I'll spend all day at school today--sorry i can't go shopping weekend! Tons of work and planning to do. I'll keep you updated.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God works in mysterious ways.......

So I went to lunch with a friend from college today. We were supposed to get together last week but I had VBS all week every night, so that didn't work. Then we decided to get together on Monday night, but we were having company over, so that didn't work. So then I thought maybe yesterday, but she was busy until late at night. So we finally got together today for lunch.

So I got into her car and we were off to Subway. She's a teacher at a Christian school in Hawthorne. I'm way excited for her because it's taken so long for her to get a classroom and she finally got one. Yeehaw!!! So we were waiting for a light to turn green and she turns to me and says.....

"So a teacher at my school quit on Monday and they still might have the position open. He was going to teach 5th and 6th grade. Are you interested??" And I said.....

"Of course I am!!"

So she called her vice-principal and told her about me. The VP said that she would call back in a few minutes. She called back and said that the principal would like to see me when we got back. So we grabbed our Subway salads and headed back to school. I went in and had an interview (in my jeans and a tee-shirt-real least I put on make-up today haha). They were very interested, so I went home and got my references and filled out the application. When I got back to the school, we went straight into the pastor's office--my second interview. They went over my stuff, decided they liked me and hired me.

So in about 3 hours, I went from a subbing job to a full-fledged teaching position...yeah!!!!!

Now I have to call RBUSD and tell them I can't sub... :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pics of Saturday

Saturday was a really full day...2 weddings!! Oh my! It was really fun though. The first one I went to was some friends that I knew back in high school and through college. My best friend was actually in the wedding. The reception was at the Queen Mary...sooooo nice!!! Sooo fun! I had to leave early to go to the other wedding, but we got these pics taken before I left (thanks Jodi!!) The bride is Vietnamese so they dressed in traditional wedding clothes for the pretty. Some of the bridal party dressed up too and Joni's brother Jonathan was one of those people. So I got cool pics with him too. And take a look at my way dressy dress. So fun!

Me and Jonathan

Joni was so pretty!!! Well she's always pretty haha but her beauty was showcased so well on Saturday!

Peace out!

The bride and groom were deep in conversation as you can see, so we took pics behind them. haha!!! they had no idea. Great fun!

Then after this wedding, I shot over to the reception of a former piano student of mine. I feel so old!!!! Oh well... It was really good to see old friends.

Who am I voting for????

Click here to see...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back at RBUSD

Well Redondo Beach called me today to tell me I've been selected as a substitute teacher for this next school year. I'm excited. It will be good. I can take time off of work for wedding and such with no sub plans to write!!! haha I'm glad! God and His timing are perfect. Why do I shed tears over things that I know God will take care of? My faithless, sinful heart.

I have orientation on Friday for a few hours and then I'm good to go. I probably have to get another TB shot....I hate those things and I've had like 5 of them in the last 5 years. No fun!! Oh's worth it. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Elisabeth Elliot is great

She has to have written something wise on just about every major thing that we as humans struggle with. I am usually blessed by something she has written about something that I'm struggling with and God usually sends it to me right when I need it. Wow! And for some reason I'm always surprised. haha I just wrote something about waiting. You all have been so encouraging and I thank you. Now Elliot has written something about patience. I've learned waiting and patience need to go hand in hand. haha

Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Source: A Lamp For My Feet
Scripture Reference: James 5:9-11

Your Troubles--Whose Fault?
I never noticed until this morning the context of this command in the Epistle of James: "My brothers, do not blame your troubles on one another or you will fall under judgment" (Jas 5:9 NEB). The context is patience. A farmer's precious crop comes up only as he waits patiently for autumn rains, winter snows, spring sunshine. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Troubles are permitted in order to teach us many lessons, not the least of which is patience. If we instantly assign responsibility for those troubles to somebody else, our energies will go into resentment instead of into learning God's lesson of patient waiting. The Lord's coming is far more certain than even autumn rains and winter snows. We can stand firm and patient no matter how others treat us, knowing that in the end our troubles will be transformed.

"The Lord is full of pity and compassion" (Jas 5:11)--can we believe that, even when we feel sorry for ourselves because we are so badly treated? He knows it all. He purposes a crop. Be patient. It will come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Downfall

It's terrible, I know, but I love watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I get so into it. Man! And this last season, I totally hurt for Jason when he got kicked off. At the VERY end!!! So sad! I actually never watched it. I found out on accident (thanks to Chris actually haha) and I wanted to cry! I couldn't watch it. I'm lame--I know. :) But today, the headline on the ABC said that he is the next Bachelor. I hope he picks a good girl.... And his son is adorable!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


It's the middle of August. No job yet. Hmmm.... What do you do at a time like this? It's kinda late in the game. People are asking me all the time what I'm going to do now. And my answer? Trust God. That's all I can do. I've done so much already with applications and such. All I can do now is trust God.

I have been having trouble with that. The nerves can overcome me at times, but then the question looks me in the face. Am I trusting God or not?

A good friend of mine challenged me to find verses in the Bible that talk about trusting God. One that I've been hanging on to is Ps. 31:23-24.
Love the Lord, all you his saints!
The Lord preserves the faithful
but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride.
Be strong, and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord!
I want to be counted faithful. I want the Lord to preserve me. I need to stay strong in the Lord. To take courage and WAIT!! Oh my...I need to wait. God is good...all the time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

50 crazy facts about me

This was on myspace. I thought it was fun :)

1) Favorite hobby?

2) Have you ever smoked heroin?
in the good old days...haha NOOOOOO

3) Do you own any guns?
no they scare me

4) What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic?
cherry lime-ade

5) Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
heck yeah...very nervous

6) What do you think of hot dogs?
they're ok...used to give me headaches

7) Favorite Christmas song?
O Holy Night--so fun to sing!!

8) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

9) Can you do push ups?
i'm working on it

10) Can you do a chin up?

1) What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
my purity ring

12) Do you like blue cheese?

13) Ever been in a car wreck?

14) Do you have ADD?
no i do not have AD...look a chicken

15) What's one trait that you hate about yourself?
not a good interviewer

16) Middle name?

17) Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment
it's hot....grace is gone....VBS is next week

18) Name 3 things you bought yesterday
burrito, salad, drink

19) Name 3 drinks you regularly drink
water, coffee, coke zero

20) Current worry?

21) Current hate right now?
um...nothing really

23) How did you bring in the New Year?
with the fam banging our pots and pans

24) Where would you like to be right now?
with my family...not by myself

25) Name three people who will complete this?

26) Do you own slippers?

27) What shirt are you wearing?
pink polo from old navy

28) Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
never done that

29) Can you whistle?

31) Would you be a pirate?
oh yeah...that would be fun!

32) What songs do you sing in the shower?
that is one place i do NOT sing

33) Favorite girl's name?

34) Favorite boy's name?

35) What's in your pocket?

36) Last thing that made you laugh?
Astrid probably

37) Best bed sheets as a child?
i had a pillow case that my great-aunt embroidered a little girl that

38) Worst injury you've ever had?
my weird ribs

39) Do you love where you live?
not really

40) How many TVs do you have in your house?

41) Who is your loudest friend?
leilani or astird...when you put them together it's great!

42) How many dogs do you have?

43) Does someone have a crush on you?
i think so...

45) What is your favorite book?
Bamboo and Lace by Lori Wick

46) What is your favorite candy?

47) Favorite Sports Team?
I like whoever is winning

48) What song do you want played at your funeral?
Arrived by Enfield

49) What were you doing 12 AM last?

50) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
i love summer time--i get to sleep in and the sun is up when i wake's great!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


No I haven't been ignoring you all...whoever is out there. (I've been saying that a lot lately...)

My sister Grace moved to Michigan today. Crazy, huh? Far far away. It'll be interesting here now, that's for sure. But I'm happy for her. I just shed a few tears :)

And we finished our CD this last week. That was a huge accomplishment. Now on to designing the CD cover and all that fun stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to release it in a few months.

I've been house-sitting too. That's always fun. A rare chance to watch TV for a little while--and the Olympics have been on--how fun is that!!!

And I will finish the vacation pics. PROMISE!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

More vacation pics

The space needle from the was too expensive to go up to the top. Sad! $16!!!!

I was a bit pensive. haha

Seriously on of my favorite places on earth. The Ballard Locks. So pretty!!!

A really nice boat going through the locks from the Puget Sound to Lake Washington.

The pretty Seattle skyline... another one of my favorite things on earth.

The cousins.... awwww!!

I don't want to know what happened here....

Pretty sunset at Alkai Beach in West Seattle

Interpretive dance...don't you feel it???

A ferry with the sunset. We had a great time!!

Don't these trees look weird? They kinda hurt my eyes.

The flowers on Mt. St. Helens were sooooo pretty. They were mostly purple with a little red here and there. Loved them!!

We have a pic just like this from when we were little kids. We thought we'd reenact it. haha

The sisters on Mt. St. Helens...glad it didn't blow again!!

Yeah it was stinkin cold up there!

Vacation Pictures

Interpretive dance at the Oregon Caves
(we did that a lot...haha--but only took pics a few times. It's the only dancing I can do. SAD!!)

Many many grapes....of wrath hahahaha

A neat bridge in Portland

From Oregon to Washington...yeah!!!!

We stopped in this little town in Washington looking for the outlet mall and instead we found this pretty downtown area where they were having an antique sale. It was tons of fun!

We veered off the beaten path when we got to Olympia so we could see the capitol building. First we got lost. Then we found the way to the capitol but we got stuck in this....we were almost part of a parade. hahaa!!!

But we did get to see the capitol from afar.

On Sunday afternoon, we picked cherries off the tree in my aunt's backyard. Don't I look at one with nature?? :)

The tree was definitely full

The FRUIT of our labors haha