Thursday, February 28, 2008

Defining Nurturing

I was so blessed by studying and researching the topic of nurturing for my college group that I decided to post what I shared in a series here on my blog. I don't have much time now, but I thought I'd define it for us first of all.

The definition of nurturing is:
-to nurse, to nourish
-to train

We as women were made specifically to nurture. Our bodies were made to nourish and nurture life. God has also given us the internal instinct to nurture those around us. However, sadly, this is not viewed as anything respectable or good in society now. In the coming posts, we will see what God has to say about it and what we can do to follow Him and His design for our lives.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Car

Here are the pictures of my new car. It's so pretty!!! :P


Tonight I am speaking to the women at GAP. The topic is nurturing. The more I've researched and studied this topic, the more amazed I am at God's perfect plan for us as women. He created us to nurture life. He put that nurturing instinct in us so that even if we do not have children of our own, from our own bodies, we still can nurture those around us. It has been extremely interesting and such a blessing. I will share more about what I share tonight later and I'll let you know how it goes. If you read this before 8:00 on Sunday night, please pray for me as I share. If you read it after 8, please pray that the women who hear this will be impacted and that it will bring change to their lives for His glory.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

God is sooooo good!

I got it!! My beautiful silver 2007 Malibu. So pretty! And so many fun things! I'll post pictures in the next few days. Praise God for His infinite grace and loving-kindness. It is really nice. Thanks for your prayers!


I covet your prayers today. I have a huge decision to make. To buy or not to buy...that is the question. Should I buy this car today? It is exactly what I want. It is a great color. It has a CD player. It has power windows!!! Oh wow!!!! Automatic locks too!!!! Oh my!!!!!!! But best and most exciting of has a sun-roof. That is what I really want. That was my one stipulation for any new had to have a sun-roof. Sooooo......

Do I want to go $16,000 in debt to get this new car? Do I want to allot $400 a month to a car payment and insurance? I still owe my dad some money...not as much as I did, but I still owe. And what if God does not give me a public school job next year? Then the payments will be even more difficult. I have a plan for right now, but it really hinges on my getting a public school position.

Sooooooo....please pray for me today. I would really really really really like to get this car. But the last thing I want to do is to go against what God wants me to do. The last thing I want to do is to by-pass His will for me right now because I had my eyes so set on earthly possessions. He is what matters when all is said and done. Not the car. So please lift my situation up to the Lord today. Pray that in my decision I bring honor and glory to Jesus. It's not about me. It should ultimately be all about HIM!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Oh wow! God is interesting. My dad just found a used Malibu that is EXACTLY what I want. Sun roof, power everything, CD player, ect... For $16,000. And it should all come out to being around $300 a month plus insurance. I can totally do that. We'll see if that is what God has for me or not. I sure hope it is, but if not, it won't be the end of the world. But if it was.....that would be SOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for wisdom and guidance in the next few days.

My favorite Valentine

Here is my favorite valentine for this year. It is from two of my students that I think have a little crush on me. The one who lead this whole venture to send me this Valentine spends every spare minute of every day in my classroom. Too funny.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


To those fans of Down in Front:

We are playing at Mulligans on Friday, March 7. It will be from 6-11 pm. The cost if you buy tickets before the Thursday before performance is $13.99. On Friday, it will be $15.99. Please come and support us. Our biggest fan is up in Heaven praising Jesus with some way good music. But we are going to endeavor to praise Him here on earth that night, so please come and make His praise more glorious.


It sure has been busy around here. I actually did not go on-line at all yesterday and today. Until now and it's almost tomorrow. Almost 2 whole days without the on-line world. I think it was good for me. I kept thinking that there was so much I had to do...and then I realized that I didn't really NEED to do it. I just wanted to do it. So instead, I spent time with my friends and family and practiced with my band. It was great fun.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my best friend Joni. I spent Friday night at her house. She helped me grade many many papers. She is so good to me. And I came away feeling so refreshed. I can't say how much I thank God for a friendship like hers. We are so different as she is always saying. But we are so much alike deep down in our hearts. The same passions, the same convictions, the same desires. She is such a special and kindred spirit. Wow! God is good.

He also blessed me at work on Friday. One of my students came to me, under the guise of needing tutoring, to ask me how to get to know God better. She said she knows that He saved her, but she felt so far away from Him. I was coming out of my skin practically. I was soooo excited and honored that she would come to me for help in this way. Please pray for my student, whose name I will not disclose for obvious reasons. Pray for me as I endeavor to lead her to a deeper, more personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I think that's all for now. Be blessed this week. No school tomorrow!!! Yeah!!!! Amy and I are going down to San Clemente for the day just for fun. I'll let you know how it works out! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

Love, love,'s been in the air lately. And tomorrow it will be thick. And isn't it sweet. I love to hear about the sweet things that guys do for their girls...and vice versa. For me, it is so much fun to listen to my parents get all excited about what they are doing for each other. My mom is plotting and planning weeks in advance. And my dad....he is always asking what he should get Mom. And then he usually doesn't listen to us. He goes out and does even better than what we suggest. They have so much fun.

And I've never actually had a Valentine. I alway usually end up ending the relationship a month or two before Valentine's Day. I need to work on my planning (**wink wink**) Not to take it lightly though. I look forward to the day when I do have a Valentine of my very own. But until then...there are SOOOOO many things I can do instead. For example, I sent flowers to my bestest friend, who is single, and my sister, Becky, who lives in Florida. I know Becky got them already and it was soooo fun to hear her excited voicemail saying that I made her day (well, Grace was part of it too...she helped pay). And I made cupcakes. For my students. 72 of them actually. Amy and I had a great time last night in her kitchen baking away. They were so pretty too. White frosting with red and pink sprinkles. A fun way to serve my students (except the ones that got sent to the office in class--I decided they didn't deserve to take part in our hard labor) and the teachers I work with.

Then I was going to have Amy and Joni over for dinner tomorrow night. But Joni couldn't come, so just Amy was going to come over. And then we got invited to my pastor's house for dinner. So we are ending up over there. But it will be tons of fun and good fellowship and good food.

**Oh Joni just called me and she got her flowers too. How fun is that!! I love doing this!

Anyhow, I encourage you to find different ways to serve those around you tomorrow. It is such a fun holiday for that reason. People are so blessed by even a heart-shaped chocolate. Use the day to be an outlet for Jesus' love.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I have made it!!!!

To 100 that is. This is my 100th post. Who would have thought I would last this long??? Crazy. Thanks to those of you who have been reading. You have been an encouragement to me. We'll see if I can make it to another 100. :) And now it's bed time. So much grading to do that I didn't do. BUT I did get my room kind of clean. Yeah!!! It's hard with 3 people in one room that actually has the stuff for 4 people in it. Waaah...I know. Let's just say it's an ongoing process...never really finished. haha Well good night!


This is really good. The youth pastor at work showed it in chapel and it brought tears to my eyes. This is no where near what Jesus really did for us, but it is a fairly good representation and and excellent reminder.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Serving others

I find a lot of joy in serving others. It's so much fun! Tonight we helped at the Carson Bible Church Valentine's Day banquet. (That's where we go to GAP on Sundays) They asked Grace and I to sing. But we also were the waiter and waitresses (waiter singular because Kyle was the only male...sad times!!! All the other guys deserted us. GAP girls have always been the hard workers though...painting Mike and Amy's house last Christmas...all GAP girls haha) Kyle was a great help! Anyhow, it was so much fun and such a joy to serve the people there and to give them a good fun night. It was a huge blessing to my heart. And we had pretty decorations. Thanks to Miss Amy--pretty gerber daisys (pink and white ones) with pink carnations. In little vases with little candles on mirror tiles. The tiles were on styrofoam squares with ribbon around them. If there is a picture I'll post it. They were soooo pretty. Much fun sharing with it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pleasing people

So today, I was in the office at work and the "Vice-Principal" (I put that in quotes because that's kind of what she is but not in title) called me over to her desk. She looks at me and says, "I heard this nasty rumor about you"...(and I'm thinking "Oh no...what now")..."that you might not be coming back next year because you have to do student teaching or something like that." Hmm....

Well that, in fact, is very true. But I sure hesitated in telling her so. Why? Because I'm a people pleaser. I don't want people upset with me. Sad, but very very true. I will do something I absolutely abhor just so someone will not get mad at me. I will do things that make me uncomfortable and miserable just so that there will be no confrontation. I heard the voices of many many close friends in my head all at once saying, "Don't be a people pleaser. Do what's right for you."

So I said, "Yes that is true, but I'm not sure what is going to happen yet. I've been praying extremely hard....." and so on, explaining that it is not student teaching but credentialing that will be taking me away from this wonderful school. All the while slowly backing my way out of the door and down the hallway. I hate doing that. Because in all reality, she has a good point in that the school has already had a ton of changes and they need stability in the staff. But I can't stay there forever, and I must get paid more than I am. I just can't make it much longer on that salary (see the previous post).

So, I was honest...which is good. And I may be leaving...which could also be good. But most importantly, above everything else, I want to be doing what God has called me to do. He is what is most important. If you talk to that lady, she'll tell you that God has called me to stay at that school one more year... I'll pray about it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today in my 5/6 Science class, we started learning about little protozoans. These little cells are actually little animals. They are classified as invertebrates...not invisible scum. Interesting. You can't see them, and yet they are intricately and delicately made. Each of their little parts help them to survive. As we talked about this in class, I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and wonder at our God. Why would He care to make a little tiny animal that we can not really see? Why would He invest so much time and effort into making something that is invisible to the human eye? It makes sense that He would put a lot of time and effort into making humans or elephants. Humans are made in His image. Elephants are huge creatures that are seen by everyone. That makes sense. But why the little tiny things?

It brings Him glory. My students and I were able to glorify God today as we studied these tiny little creatures. We can worship him for His amazing imagination and creativity that went into creating every single living thing. And each living thing is entirely different. I could go on and on. I did actually. Finally one of the kids complained that it felt like he was in church. haha I told him that since he was in a Christian school, it is like he's in church every day. Anyhow, the little tiny things are important to God. He cares about them, so we should too. And we should glorify His holy name for the amazing and wondrous works He has done!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Have you ever thought you were going to finally get something you've wanted for a really long time, only to get a big dose of reality and realize it just isn't gonna happen? Then you feel like crying (forget that you're PMSing too). And then you sit and think how unfair it is. It just is not fair...after all you've done to make it's just not fair.

And then the Lord comes and speaks to you and says, "Since when do you know what fair is?" Ouch! Who are you to say what is or is not fair? It may be disappointing but it is God's plan. You may think you know what is right, but God knows what is perfect and what you need right now. So just trust in His perfect plan for your life.

So yeah...the Chevy Malibu is gonna have to wait a while longer.

Monday, February 4, 2008

4 things

I'm really tired, so this is gonna be shorter...
1. I thank God for my best friend, Joni. She has been an incredible encouragement to me over the last 14 years. She has been a true friend through thick and thin. She is my bosom friend as Anne of Green Gables says. We have been through jr. high, high school, and college together and are now both going out to make our own way in the world. She is an incredible godly example of what a Christian woman should be. And I thank God that He put her in my life.

2. I have this kinda scary meeting tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning with a parent. Pray that things go well.

3. Mrs. Morales, you give great advice. Thank you so much!!

4. Go Patriots! Sorry you lost.
Go Team Bruno! Sorry you lost.
Sad times for both of them. Ok...bed time! Yeah!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My new favorite movie

is Enchanted. I LOVE it!!! I've seen it twice and I really want to see it one more time before it's out of theaters. All of you who know me know I'm a princess through and through. I had tiaras all the way through high school (and yes, I would randomly wear them to school). And I sing all the time. And I'm waiting for my True Love's Kiss. So this movie perfectly combined all parts of my personality. I loved it!!! There are so many really good parts in it. Like the whole singing and dancing with "That's How You Know." And the song the guy sings when they are dancing at the ball, "How Far," is gets stuck in my head. (In fact, it's stuck there right now, which is partly why I'm writing this.) The fact that she sees the huge importance and special-ness of marriage is surprising coming from Disney. And Robert sings to her at the sweet! I just love it. My parents are even encouraging me in my total fan-hood of it (which is greatly shocking!). They went to Las Vegas last week and the first gift they bought was at a gas station in Barstow or some deserted place like that. It was an Enchanted coloring book...with sparkley stickers!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I was so stoked! So my Pastor's family got me the soundtrack for my birthday. So good! And lo and behold my mom got it for me for Christmas too. So I can trade that one in for the movie when it comes out on DVD. I can't wait! LOVE IT!!


59... That's how many 7th grade math papers I graded tonight. Each had 30 problems. That is roughly 2700 math problems. And that's not even all of them. I've still got another stack of other grade's work. Wow! That's what I get for getting behind in my work, huh? It took me about 3 hrs sitting here on my couch tonight. I did watch Ever After so my mind was entertained at the same time. But I'm ready to go to bed now. My brain is kinda fried....