Thursday, March 29, 2007

I <3 Third Grade!!!!!!

Absolutely love them!!! They are so much fun. You can joke around with them...tease them...yell at them...and they like you no matter what. They have great attitudes (for the most part) and they are just plain fun to be with. God was good and the teacher I was subbing for had great lesson plans. Told me all I needed to know...from the schedule down to the trouble makers. It was great! I had these two goof-ball boys sitting in the front row. They talked a lot and laughed really loud and were all over the place. But every time I would start to yell at them, they'd give me the biggest smile and then I would start to laugh... Needless to say they were my favorites. You just have to appreciate the cute little troublemakers sometimes. :P They were sitting next to the girl who could have run the whole classroom by herself had I let her. The kids were getting pretty loud and she decided to take matters into her own hands...literally. She started clapping her hands to get everyone's attention. I had to put a stop to that :) Anyhow, they were great. I really hope I get to teach 3rd grade someday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yesterday I was in kindergarten. It was an interesting day. I got there late because a light was out on Artesia and the whole street was backed up. I walked in to the class and there were kids running around and another adult in there that for some reason seemed to know what she was doing. She never actually introduced herself and when I tried to introduce myself to her she kinda cut me off. But she was very helpful. I found out later that she was also a sub who had been in the classroom before and knew the routine. I'm all for that! Compared to the kindergarten that I student taught in, these kids were pretty advanced. They were already telling time and writing 3 sentence paragraphs...and these are 5 year olds! We had one kid swearing. The other sub took her aside to talk to her (she was saying darn it in a not so nice way ;) ) and she couldn't figure out why it was so wrong. Homer Simpson says it all the time after all. haha!! At about 11am, the real teachers came back. The AM class went home and the PM class arrived. So then there were the two teachers and the two subs in this class of 20 kids. Talk about a good student to teacher ratio! So in the end, I really didn't do that much work. Which was fine with me. :)

Today I took the day off and went to visit my 3rd graders that I student taught. They are so much fun! The teacher wanted a break and asked if I wanted to finish teaching math for her. Of course I did!! So it was fun to be in front of my kids again.

Tomorrow I am subbing in 3rd grade. The best grade ever two days in a exciting! It will be at the elementary school that is right next to that aweful middle school. So I'm hoping I won't get an explanation for why those 8th graders are so aweful. I'm really hoping that I will have a fun group of 3rd graders and a half-way normal day. :) I'll let you know!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I am applying

for other positions. I am praying that the Lord would give me my own classroom with my own personal set of psycho-kids. :) I found out that Fullerton Unified has 5 positions open for next year and Redondo Beach needs a Kindergarten teacher right now. So I am applying for both of them. Please pray that the Lord would lead me to the place He would have me and where He could use me the most. I want to be His vessel to be used as He wills. I will also be sending in applications to other districts in the first week of April. Everyone says that is when they start looking for teachers for the next year, so we'll see what God does...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Random things....and a prayer request

Today was a great time of relaxing with my little sis Julie. We went for a drive (I just chose to ignore the fact that gas prices are over $3 :P) and had a wonderful time. We started in Manhattan Beach and drove around Palos Verdes (there's this great near-vertical drop on Portuguese Bend right now) across Teminal Island, through Long Beach, Huntington Beach and eventually ended up in Dana Point. It was a beautiful day. We definitely serve an awesome God whose creation is so breath-taking. It was really fun.

Next week I have a subbing day in kindergarten and 4th grade...or is it 5th. I better check. Anyhow, I am REALLY looking forward to at least 2 days NOT in middle school. I hope it will be as good as I'm imagining it to be. My luck it will be the worst kindergarten class in So. Cal. haha

My prayer request is for a little girl that I have found out about through another blog. I don't know her or her family. But she just turned 2 years old and she is suffering from a rare form of luekemia. Her name is Alivia and she is the cutest little girl you'd ever want to see. Pray for her and her family. To learn more about how she is doing you can visit the blog her mom keeps up on her My heart goes out to this family and it would be great if we could widen the prayer chain and include more people in lifting this little girl up before God begging for her total and complete healing.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Sing extra loud in church tomorrow and praise God with an extra full heart of thankfullness and adoration. He is more than worthy of it. :)

And as a parting thought for the is a random picture of me doing the Titanic thing off the side of the cruise ship when I went to Ensenada with my mom... I am totally weird!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yeah...I was with those (and I say this sarcastically) wonderful 8th graders again. The same kids that I had on Friday but in Social Studies instead of math. Wow! It was interesting. The first class I had was insane. I had the security guy in there with me most of the time to help keep order. I had to send one kid to the office because she refused to obey me. Then the shower of curse words that came upon me from her cute little mouth would have shocked anyone. It's just sad. The second class was a bit better. They were so impressed at my ability to remember everyones name that they were kind of shocked into silence. When class started I had a seating chart this time (yeah!!) and I was able to figure out who most of the class was. Then one girl said her name was Caroline. There was no Caroline on the seating chart and she said that she just transfered from a different class. hmmmmm.... So I wrote her "name" down. And a few minutes later her friend called her by her real name. So when we were answering questions, I called out her real name. Her head jerked up and then she realized her mistake...too funny!!! So after that, she gave me a little more trouble but for the most part was subdued. They really couldn't believe that I could remember all their names. It was great!

I was pretty tense by the time I left, so I ate some Dots (love those) and went to Starbucks and my parents rented HeeHaw from back in the day. It was pretty funny. And I'm listening to a new CD so life is good. God is good. I doing so much better than I deserve as CJ Mahaney says.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well while I was writing the previous post...I was almost done with phone rang. It was the sub desk...there was a middle school teacher that was really sick and needed to go home. So off to another day at middle school. This was a much better experience than my first. These were 6th graders...see I think it's just the 8th graders and some 7th graders I have a hard time liking. These kids were pretty good. Some had some issues but that is to be expected. And I had a seating chart which helped out a great deal. And my good friend Mike gave me some subbing tips. I did NOT use the tip that is as follows...Get in their faces if they are rude. I promised his wife I wouldn't. (Plus he has a slight advantage over me when he uses that one...he is over 6 ft tall and I am barely 5 ft. tall :P)But I did us this tip...write names down on a piece of paper and give it to the teacher. When they saw me writing names down, they shaped right up. So thanks Mike...I am totally indebted to you.

It was also a great lesson in how much God knows and cares for me. Here I am complaining that I have no work and my phone rings right away. He knows what I need and is ready to help me when I need it. Praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness!!!

Still no calls...

Yes I am still waiting. They have not called me at all yet this week...and I would really like to work. You know...that's why I got a job...because I want to work. So would you please pray with me that they will start calling me. I am also going to start looking into other districts to see if they will hire me too. I guess I need to start pushing on more doors. I would appreciate your prayers....never mind...they just called!! yeeah!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The girls make the band

Thanks to Chris because he has a camera and Mike because he has amazing picture taking skills here is a picture of us all playing on Friday night. Chris is on the left on bass, me on piano, my sis Grace on acoustic guitar, Danny on drums and Joel and Kyle on electric guitar. From what I can tell we are called Down in Front. Grace figured it was because all the short people (me, Grace and Joel) were in the front. :)

Today was a "local holiday" in Redondo Beach so there was no school. Have no idea what the holiday was, but I like it anyway :) I will see if I get called tonight or tomorrow morning. This kind of feels like when you are expecting a baby (not that I know anything about that kind of stuff :-) ) You want it to happen and you are always waiting and because of it you don't feel like you can really plan anything. Oh well...I'm thankful for it all :)


For those of you who have told me you wanted to comment but couldn't...I changed my settings so that you can. You just click the anonymous button and you can write all you want. So Mike I'm looking forward to your smart comments. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!

Well today I sat at Starbucks for 4 1/2 hrs. catching up with a college friend. Then we had the annual Grandma/Aunt Polly birthday party on St. Patricks Day which was their mom's (my great-grandma's) birthday. I'll post pictures of that later for you Tante :) And thanks for the made my day. You are so right about the reception thing. Anyhow, I thought I'd post a few random pics of other things. Last night, after my harrowing day in middle school, I had the opportunity to play with our "band" from the college ministry I go to, GAP, at a family fun center. So.....Here I am playing in the freezing cold at Mulligans. I would show you a picture of all of the band, but they are all too dark :(Me and one of my favorite high schoolers, Albert. He came to see us play last night.
This is my friend Heather, me, Astrid, Gabe and Pastor Mike at Resolved in February. These are a few of the strangest people I know and I think Gabe and Mike's expressions prove it even more. haha
And last but definitely not least, a picture of my beautiful sisters and I...Julie, me, Becky & Grace. Have a great Sunday tomorrow! Hope you will be in church worshiping the God who gave His Son so we could have life.

THE call

this morning came at 6:30...for the middle school. Since I had to still get up, showered, dressed ect... I didn't think I could make it to Redondo Beach by 7:30 so I declined it. Then I laid in bed debating over whether I should have declined or not. Well, God gave me a second chance because 5 minutes later, the lady at the office called. It seems they really needed help at the middle school today...different class than the first but they still needed help. So I told her I could go but might be late. That was fine so I got ready and out the door really fast and made it to the school by about 7:40. Not bad!

I went in, signed in and everything, found the classroom and got set up. I have never done middle school before, so everything was new to me. Then one of the teachers came in to offer assistance if I needed any. I assured her that I would be fine...little did I know. About 10 minutes into 1st period I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I had little 13 yr. old girls dressed in green mini-skirts (tomorrow is St. Patricks Day) standing on chairs and jumping off them (hello!! 5yr-olds do that!!!!!!!), a rude bunch of girls in another corner that wouldn't do any work...and this was just 1st period. I am so used to little 7 and 8 yr. olds that just want to please you and make you happy.

Well from there it got worse. I was warned that the last period would be the worst. Other teachers shared with me that these were the kids that had forced their 6th grade teacher over the edge so that she quit teaching encouraging!! I had a girl in there that should have been in my class 3rd period and decided to show up so she could take the quiz. She got ousted. A group of kids that also refused to do their work and were so loud I'm sure I was starting to go crazy. A few other girls in the back corner that laughed and talked...and well one wanted to go to the bathroom and I was under orders that she needed to stay in the classroom. Needless to say, it was not pretty. I had one kid say "Man, you are mean." Haha...little does he know.

I'm glad I had this experience as my first subbing day. I learned what it could be like out there right away. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in a major way and now that I look back on the day, I'm glad it happened like that. I learned so much. What a great way to start of my career as a substitute. And thanks to all my friends and family who were praying for me...I relied on the thought that someone was out there praying for me a lot today. Well, needless to say from a day at the middle school and then going and playing piano at a family fun center with a "band" I'm in for a few hours tonight...I'm exhausted. So off to bed I go...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

No calls...

Well there were no calls tonight. Oh well. I think my Pastor is correct in saying that when you do not answer so many of their calls, they put you further down on the list and you don't get called very much. Oh I said before, God knows.

I was talking to a friend tonight that reminded me of God's grace in our lives. There was no fine print in our "salvation contract" that said ok you can go to heaven but I have no grace for other messups in your life. We serve such a gracious and loving Lord. We have so much to be thankful thanks for that reminder! Now to see if the call comes at 5:30am :/

Leaving the house...

Well it is almost 3pm...the wonderful time when the subfinding people will start calling... Therefore, I am leaving the house. Maybe I'll get reception somewhere out there. I'll let you know how it goes. Until is a fun picture of me and some of my friends at a conference we went to in February. Such fun!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am now in the subfinder system for Redondo Beach. I am extremely excited and wait anxiously for calls from 3-9pm. The calls at 5:30am I don't wait so anxiously for. :P However, my cell phone gets very bad reception in my house. Hence the frustration I felt a while ago when my phone rings...the subfinder people...I put in my information just to have the call dropped before I could respond to anything. I just want to scream!! But then I stop and know what? It's ok because God in His sovereign will let that call drop. Why is beyond me in my little human thinking. But He is in control. For all I know it was some aweful class that no one in the district is willing to sub for...haha I will get the jobs that He wants me to's another exercise in trust and faith.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I am trying this now too. I have this tumblog thing too but there is no room for comments from readers and I like interaction. I don't know how often I will actually post things on this, but I thought I'd try it out. Let me know what you think as I go along.